Read our FAQ and TRAVEL GUIDE below to know more about our gathering. 


What is Kvinnorum?

Kvinnorum is an organisation created by lesbian radical feminists, meaning ‘Women’s Room’ in Swedish. We are women separatists, because we strongly believe that women need to have a room where we can meet, discuss and organize without the presence of men.

The foundation of Kvinnorum is radical feminism. Our priority is and will always be women, and the liberation of women from patriarchy. We support women suffering under all forms of patriarchy, including capitalism, racism, anti-lesbianism and misogyny.

When we create our room, we want to make it a place where women can speak freely on these issues. We want to make it a room with a high roof, where we can discuss and listen to each other. Our shared experience as women bring us together, our differences make us stronger.


Why this gathering?

As women-only spaces become increasingly under attack, the need for women to come together is stronger than ever. Women need spaces to share knowledge with each other in order to counter men’s patriarchal world and begin to build an alternative vision – one which centres us rather than one which consistently keeps us on the periphery, looking in but never being seen or heard.

The gathering will provide the opportunity to not only take respite from male society and meet like-minded women from across the world, but also share ideas that have the potential to shape the future of radical feminism. Women cannot continue to be silenced when so much injustice is embedded into our daily lives. The gathering will provide the time and space for women to envisage a world without patriarchy. In the words of Sonia Johnson, it is finally time to ‘take our eyes off the guys’ and put the focus onto ourselves. For if we want to transform this world, it is up to us to do so.


Who can attend?

As the gathering will be for women who would like to develop their radical feminist analysis of the world around them, any woman who has an interest in radical feminism can attend. Newcomers included!


What language will the gathering be in?

English (with some translation of workshops if necessary; more details coming soon).


Where will the gathering be?

The gathering will take place 2 hours from Stockholm, in the countryside.


Where will I sleep?

There will be three types of sleeping arrangement available: dormitories, wind-shelters (open-fronted log cabin-like shelters with fireplaces in front), and camping. Your accommodation is not determined by the price you pay: for example, you will not pay less if you camp, or have to pay more if you request a bed. Our policy is to assign the beds to womyn who need it most, regardless of the price they can afford to pay. We will let you know before the gathering which sleeping arrangement you have been allocated.

If you have chosen to camp, please bring your own tent/sleeping bag/mattress etc. If you have not chosen to camp however are allocated camping due to limited beds or windshelter spaces, we will do our very best to provide camping equipment for you.

Please specify which type of arrangement you’d like when booking your ticket. You can apply for a ticket by filling out this form.

The accommodation is simple and close to nature! There is enough electricity to charge any electronic devices, however no wifi is available. Kitchen amenities (fridge and freezer) are run on solar power. There are toilets (including disabled toilet) and for washing, there is access to a pier, bathing area and small beach at the lake. A wood-burning sauna is also available for use.

Can I share a room with friends?

Yes! We will try our best to make this happen. You will have the chance to provide names of your friends on the application form.


Can I bring my child/ren?

The gathering is open to all girls under the age of 18. The cost of their tickets are detailed below. We will not be accepting applications for boys of any ages.

Please note that we cannot offer anything specifically geared towards childcare. You are free to bring your daughters but mostly expect to care for them on your own or collaborate with other womyn at the gathering.

Can I bring my pet?

This will be considered on a case-by-case basis – please let us know in the application form if you would like to bring your pet and we will do our best to accommodate any furry friends!

What will we eat?

We will provide three vegan meals a day -breakfast, lunch and dinner- included with your ticket. You can bring any food you want or need with you. Make sure you specify any dietary needs and allergies during the application process.


I want to help organise! How do I get involved?

Organising a gathering like this can be a lot of work, so we welcome any offers of help! Please write to us using our contact form with a short description of the skills you can provide.

Right now, what we need the most in order to move forward is help with funding. If you can afford to help us financially, please consider buying our merchandising or making a donation.


How much are tickets?

We want Kvinnorum to be as accessible to as many womyn as possible. We therefore offer a three-tier sliding scale based on what womyn can afford to pay:


Affordable (unemployed, student, low-income) 500 – 800 49 – 79 39 – 69
Default (regular income from a Western country) 800 – 1000 79 – 99 69 – 89
Supporter (helps another woman to attend in addition to you) 1000 – 2000 99 – 198 87 – 175



  • Under 3 years old: Free
  • 3 – 15 years old: 50% of an adult ticket
  • 15 – 18 years old: 70% of an adult ticket



Can I have help getting a visa?

Yes, please contact us via our contact form  or tell us when we email you after you make your application.


I want to give a workshop! How do I do this?

Any woman who would like to present a workshop is welcome to – the more, the better! Please write to us using our workshop application form .


I sent an application/question but I haven’t received a response

Please understand that it can take some time for us to read and respond to all your messages. Please allow for up to three days to hear back from us.




The gathering will officially open 5 p.m. on Tuesday the 24th of July. You may arrive starting from 4 p.m. on Monday the 23rd, if you wish to help with logistics and can help with shuttling.  The gathering officially ends on Sunday the 29th, and we have to leave the location by the end of the day. We will shuttle everyone back to Norrköping over the course of the day.


To get there, your application has to have been approved. We will send out exact directions to those registered closer to the starting date.


During the evening of the 23rd/day of the 24th we will shuttle everyone from a yet to be disclosed location in Norrköping to the gathering.


Planning your trip from outside of Sweden:

You have multiple airports to choose from. If you’re planning on spending some more time in Sweden outside of the gathering, we suggest going to Arlanda Airport (ARN), which is probably the easiest to find flights to as well. The cheaper option is flying to Skavsta (NYO).

There is also an airport quite close to the pick-up site for the gathering, which is Norrköping Airport (NKR).

If you go to Stockholm, it takes around two to three hours by bus or train to get to Norrköping. From Skavsta, it’s a bit closer.

In Norrköping, we will be there to give everyone a lift to the Gathering. More details to follow.

You can go from Stockholm City, Skavsta Airport or Arlanda Airport to Norrköping with bus.

You can go directly from Stockholm to Norrköping with train.

  • Flygbussarna have buses departing from any airport directly to Norrköping
  • Flixbus is a cheap option to get bus tickets from most cities
  • Swebus is reliable, but can be difficult to book in advance
  • SJ have the only trains going to Norrköping

Planning your trip from within Sweden:

Travel by train, bus or car to Norrköping.